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Message from Dr. Caesar Bitta: Treasurer, SSK Council

Kindly allow me to welcome all members to this year’s 24th Annual General Meeting and the 23rd Annual Scientific Conference of the Surgical Society of Kenya. It is always great to have the membership at this gathering.

The Society has continued to grow in numbers and to achieve new milestones. Professional societies find themselves operating in an ever-changing arena as the social, economic, and financial arena they were in keeps changing. Global economic downturn and restrictions on sponsorships have made it harder for societies to access sponsorships. The society has however had a noteworthy increase in conference attendance and attendance of other society-organised events. This notwithstanding the Council has endeavoured to continue ensuring that the society’s resources are utilised efficiently and effectively. The society also has to continue sourcing for alternative revenue generating streams to remain sustainable.

In the preceding year the society also had to manoeuvre through changes in foreign currency rates in its dealings with other associations and in activities requiring foreign currency. The society preferentially tried to retain its dollar reserves.  

Two years ago, the society tasked the council to find ways of improving the welfare aspects of the membership. The council shall be proposing a welfare benefit to the membership at this annual general meeting for approval.

Finally, allow me to express my sincere gratitude to all the members of the Surgical Society of Kenya for their continued support of the activities of the society, and to again welcome them to this year’s scientific conference.

Thank you

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Message from Dr Daniel Ojuka: President, SSK Council

Innovations in Surgical Service Delivery

Welcome to the 23rd scientific conference and 24th  AGM of the surgical society of Kenya. As a society, we have prepared an international standard conference with both pre-conference on innovations and the main conference.  You will be listening to named lectures, panel discussions, scientific sessions and hands-on workshops and seminars. These are aimed at helping us understand how we can make innovations while being safe, and affordable and increasing our competency as professionals.

Our main strategic plan as the surgical society of Kenya is to have competent surgeons who achieve quality outcomes in a safe environment. A safe and competent surgeon must be skilled and adept in appropriate patient care and have a fundamental and grounded foundation in up-to-date medical knowledge. The achievement of a safe and competent surgeon is through a process of lifelong practice-based learning that enables us to learn and improve on every patient encounter.

Major obstacles to achieving this will encompass interpersonal skills, communication, professionalism, and the ability to work effectively with the system. Interpersonal skills and communication are heavily grounded on the ability to transmit to the patient that you are a caring surgeon willing to spend time with your patient. This is done by listening, prompting questions, and explaining in layman’s language the pros and cons of the intervention. The next is a breakdown in professionalism -we work in an environment of uncertainty and lack of collegiality, disruptive behaviour and the socio-economic complexities involved in the management of the patient.

How do we ensure that in this environment we bring in innovations that will enable us to have quality but affordable services using technology? It is these and many more that we hope that we will discuss both the pre-conference and the main conference. We welcome you to explore the preconference stream, and the exhibitors’ stands, participate actively, and inquisitively in every session you attend, and make it worth your every shilling while at it.

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Message from Dr Michael Mwachiro, Secretary SSK Council

Dear Members,

I would like to extend a warm welcome to our annual conference and AGM here in Mombasa. As always, this is a much anticipated and exciting learning opportunity. In addition, it is a great opportunity for re-unions and relaxation. I would like to thank all of our members, invited guests, collaborators and supporters who have been able to join us for this premier society event.

As is tradition, it is also an opportunity to reflect on the past two years and the growth and achievements that we have had. It has been a pleasure to resume in person events after the covid pandemic ended and with this came many CMEs both at regional and national level, training workshops and resumptions of courses like the ATLS courses. I would like to recognize the efforts of the various chapters, Committee leads and others who have engaged in society events at multiple levels. Kenya continues to be a leader in surgery in the region both in training and provision of care and this is a reflection of our membership. As a society, we have also made quality in surgery and training our focus and this has culminated in research and training projects focused on quality.

This year is also an election year for the society and we look forward to welcoming the new council to office. It has been an absolute pleasure and honour to serve as the secretary of the society. As my time comes to an end, I would like to thank all our members for the support and enthusiasm as we have navigated the various seasons together. I would also like to acknowledge all those who have mentored and supported the various members in leadership and service positions in the society. As many are aware, we have also have lost a number of our colleagues including Prof Yusuf Kodwavwalla and Prof George Magoha and it is my wish that we shall honour their memories and legacies by continuing to serve humanity with steadfastness, compassion and integrity.

Finally, we have also enjoyed great collaborations and it is noteworthy that innovations and global surgery are featuring heavily not only on this conference but in prior events in the lead up to this meeting. I recognize the efforts that the scientific committee has put in preparing a robust and exciting program for the next few days. It is also my wish that we also take some time to relax and rejuvenate and enjoy the local sites, sounds and cuisine while here in sunny Mombasa.


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Message from Dr Stanley Aruyaru: Chair, SSK Scientific Committee

International and global! That is my view of the 23rd Scientific conference.

Not only did we receive a record number of papers and speakers from outside the country, but our pre-conference workshops have also drawn international and local attendance in equal measure.

If you do not find fodder in the eclectic list of workshops under the ICIGS pre-conference, you will definitely have fun discussing quality in surgery in the other pre-conference module.

The scientific program itself boasts richness and depth by virtue of the mix and scientific rigour of the works presented.

Following your feedback, last year’s venue was changed to the current Sarova Whitesands. I hope you enjoy this year’s venue and I look forward to your feedback by the end of the conference.

The values of diversity, equity, and inclusion have not been lost on us in preparing this program. To that end, we have speakers not only from all the corners of Africa but from 4 continents. That is not all, we have 39% of the conference presentations, 40% of keynote lectures, and 40% of updates in the surgery series presented by women and this is a great move in our efforts as a society to encourage diversity within our rank and file.

As a global surgery enthusiast, I am excited to see global surgery as a discipline take lead in the number of original articles presented, sharing that podium with general surgery.

As usual, the Society’s official journal has a 2-hour breakout workshop that will create the perfect arena for the new entrants into the game that is biomedical research.

Colleagues, the conference is never complete without us heading the words of Porter Gale: “Your Network is Your Networth”.  Let us each take a moment to network with colleagues and industry players even as we consume the scientific content.

It is my hope that you will enjoy the conference and develop linkages to carry home with you.

Welcome all. Karibuni!

Dr Stanley Aruyaru, MD FACS

Chair, Scientific Committee