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Message from Dr. Caesar Bitta: Treasurer, SSK Council

Kindly allow me to welcome all members to this year’s 24th Annual General Meeting and the 23rd Annual Scientific Conference of the Surgical Society of Kenya. It is always great to have the membership at this gathering.

The Society has continued to grow in numbers and to achieve new milestones. Professional societies find themselves operating in an ever-changing arena as the social, economic, and financial arena they were in keeps changing. Global economic downturn and restrictions on sponsorships have made it harder for societies to access sponsorships. The society has however had a noteworthy increase in conference attendance and attendance of other society-organised events. This notwithstanding the Council has endeavoured to continue ensuring that the society’s resources are utilised efficiently and effectively. The society also has to continue sourcing for alternative revenue generating streams to remain sustainable.

In the preceding year the society also had to manoeuvre through changes in foreign currency rates in its dealings with other associations and in activities requiring foreign currency. The society preferentially tried to retain its dollar reserves.  

Two years ago, the society tasked the council to find ways of improving the welfare aspects of the membership. The council shall be proposing a welfare benefit to the membership at this annual general meeting for approval.

Finally, allow me to express my sincere gratitude to all the members of the Surgical Society of Kenya for their continued support of the activities of the society, and to again welcome them to this year’s scientific conference.

Thank you

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