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[24th – 28th April 2023]
23rd SSK Annual Scientific Conference

The Surgical Society of Kenya is a nationwide organization that seeks to bring together surgeons of all skill levels into a united community that is dedicated to improving the practice of surgery in Kenya, giving its members valuable benefits and opportunities that support their professional lives, and, to giving surgeons a voice in the policy-making process that affect surgical health care.

Join us for the 23rd Annual Scientific Conference from 24th – 28th April 2023.

From Scientific Committee desk
23rd SSK Conference

This year’s conference will have an eclectic list of pre-conference workshops and a scientific program that boasts of richness and depth by virtue of the mix and scientific rigour of the works presented.

ICIGS Pre-conference

24th-25th April 2023
The International Congress on Innovations in Global Surgery will be held for the very first time in Africa. This conference brings to you various innovations like Wide Awake Local Anesthesia (WALANT) and Gas Insufflation Less Laparoscopic Surgery (GILLS).
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ACS Quality Improvement Course

24th-25th April 2023
A series of workshops designed to train the surgical workforce and other QI staff on how to design, implement, and maintain a quality improvement project,

SSK Conference Scientific Program

26th-28th April 2023
The scientific program boasts of richness and depth by virtue of the mix and scientific rigour of the works presented.

Annals of African Surgery Publishing Workshop

28th April 2023
The Society’s official journal has a 2-hour breakout workshop that will create the perfect arena for the new entrants into the game that is biomedical research.
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Scientific Presentations
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Meet our esteemed keynote speakers! Discover their insights and gain valuable knowledge from their expertise.

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